Useful information about Montego Bay and Jamaica

Jamaica has an area of 4, 411 square miles of 11,424 square kilometers. The island is 146 miles (235km) long with widths varying between 22 (35km) miles.


Jamaica is the third largest of the Caribbean islands and the largest of the English speaking islands. Jamaica is a very mountainous country. Almost half of the island is above 1,000 feet (305m). Blue mountain Peak, the highest point, is 7,402 feet (2,256m) above sea level.


The annual average rainfall is 78 inches (198cm). Because of the effects of the mountains, rainfall is fairly evenly distributed. Some hilly areas get nearly 300 inches (762cm) a year while parts of the western plains get as little as 30 inches (76.2). 


Jamaica has about 120 rivers, most of which flow to coast from the central mountain ranges.

The island has 3 international airports. You need to arrive to the airport in Montego Bay: Code is MBJ


The annual average temperature is 27ºC.  The hottest months are the in the summer and the winter months (December to March) are appreciably cooler. Areas of high altitude are also much cooler.  For example, the Blue Mountain Peak, has an average annual temperature of 13ºC. The tides around the coast hardly vary.  The difference between high and low tide is never more than 16 inches (41cm).

Time Zone

Jamaica  is Eastern Standard time but does not use Daylight savings time.


The local currency in the Jamaica is called the Jamaican Dollar. US dollars are widely accepted almost anywhere.

1 $USD = JA$136 as of Dec 4 2019



Visa Requirements

There is no VISA required for most countries so long as the passport has a validity of at least 6months and the traveler holds a return ticket.
Please check with your travel professional regarding the rules for your country of nationality.

About Montego Bay

The City of Montego Bay is the tourism capital of Jamaica and the island's second largest city. It's is more commonly known as "MoBay".

It is  home to one of the island's three international airports, the Donald Sangster's international airport. You will find a wide range of all inclusive resorts here.  GFNY Jamaica has chosen a few as host hotels and special packages are provided there as well as you will  be surrounded by other cycling participants , families and supporters.

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